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Material Safety Data Sheets

If you need to know more about the pest control products used during your service Rentokil has Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all the products we use to keep you, your business and your home free of pests.

All our product labels and AQIS documents are also available below for your convenience.

Advanced Fly Trap Window Sticker
Advanced Mouse & Rat Repeller
Alpha Rapid
Ant and Crawling Insect Killer Powder
Ant and Crawling Insect Spray
Ant Killer Gel
Ant Killer Spray
Bioblast Fruit and Vegetable Bug Killer
Bioplast Rose and Flower Bug Killer
Brodifacoum Paste
Bromatrol Bait Blocks
Carpet Moth And Beetle Killer Powder
Cat Deterrent Granules
Classic Wax Polish
Clothes Moth Glue Trap
Clothes Moth Killer Cassette
Clothes Moth Killer Hangers
Clothes Moth Killer Paper
Clothes Moth Killer Spray
Deadline Alpha Express Bait Blocks
Deadline Bromadiolone Mouse Blocks
Deadline Bromadiolone Paste
Deadline Bromadiolone Perforated Sachets
Deadline Bromadiolone Rat Blocks
Deadline Bromadiolone Whole Grain Bait
Deadline Difenacoum Paste
Deadline Difenacoum Whole Grain Bait
Deadline Insectaban Liquid
Deadline Non Tox Indicator Paste
Deadline Woodworm Treatment
Degesch Plates
Demand CS
Detia Gas EX P
Dia Secticide
Digrain AC
Digrain Ant Gel
Digrain One Shot
Dismate PE
Fast Action Mouse Killer
Fentrol Bait Blocks
Ficam D
Ficam W
Flash Dose
Flea Killer Spray
Flea Powder
Fluorescent Tracking Dust
Fly and Wasp Killer
Fly Ant And Wasp Spray
Fly Killer Bin Spray
Fly Killer Cassette
Fly Killer Strips
Fly Papers
Flying Insect Killer
Food Moth Trap
Goliath Cockroach Gel
Insect Detector
Insect Killer Foggers
Insect Monitor and Lure
Insectrol Insect Killer
Insectrol Moth Killer
Insectrol Powder
K Othrine WG 250
Live Capture Mouse Trap
Luminos 1 Glue Board for EFK Back
Luminos 1 Glue Board for EFK Bottom
Luminos 3 Glue Board
Luminos 3 Glue Roll for EFK
Luminos 4 Glue Roll for EFK
Luminos Sapphire Glue Board
Lumnia Glue Board Black
Lumnia Glue Board White
Lumnia Glue Rolls
Maxforce Quantum
Mini Moth Lure
Moth Balls
Mouse and Rat Gap Sealant
Mouse And Rat Killer Pasta Bait
Mouse and Rat Odour Sachet
Mouse and Rat Repeller
Mouse and Rat Trap Bait
Mouse and Rat Weatherproof Bait Blocks
Mouse Killer Bait
Multi Surface Insect Killer
N2 Controlled Atmosphere
No 10 Plastic Cleaner Renovator
No 11 Pressure Washer Cleaner Economy
No 12 Heavy Duty Traffic Film Remover
No 13 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
No 14 Oil Eater Concrete and Block Paving
No 15 Oil Eater Tarmac & Asphalt
No 16 Duct Tech Polish
No 2 Steel & Chrome Descaler
No 3 De F O G
No 4 De Carb
No 5 Duct Tech Power Clean
No 6 Duct Tech Gel
No 7 Soak Tank Power
No 8 Caustic Soak Tank power
No 9 Glass Cleaner
Non Tox
Nylar 4EW
Oa2ki Concentrate
Perbio Choc
Permethrin Dusting Powder
Pest Control Hand and Surface Wipes
Pestfree Cat & Fox Deterrent
Phobi Dose
Plant Label Insect Trap
Prid Insect With Lure
Provoke Rat Attractant
Pybuthrin 33
Racumin Foam
Rat Killer
Rat Killer Box
Rentokil CO2 Controlled Atmosphere
Rentokil Luminus 3 glue rolls for EFK
Rodent Alert
Rodine Mouse and Rat Killer
Sapphire Grain
Seal & Kill Hygienic Mouse Trap
Slaymor Bait Bags
Slug & Snail Barrier Tape
Slug & Snail Trap
Slug and Snail Killer Pellets
Small Space Fly Killer
Solo Blox
Spider and Crawling Insect Trap
Steri 7 Xtra 750ml
Steri 7 Xtra Concentrate
Twenty 1 WP
ULV 500
Vertox Contact Gel
Wasp and Fly Lure
Wasp Killer Powder
Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam
Wasp Trap
Window Fly Killer Sticker
Woodworm Treatment Fluid
Woodworm treatment Prof
Woodworm Treatment Solution
Xlure Multi Species Trap

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